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Wallsend Boxing Academy troops attend in force at Newcastle Eagles Arena

Joe Laws, Lawrence Osueke, April Hunter and more are just a few of the names fighting this weekend at the Newcastle Eagles Arena. It is a very exciting time for the guys at Wallsend Boxing Academy. Our videographer, Dom, has been following Joe around to capture a unique insight into the wonderful world of a professional boxer.

It’s no secret that we like our fighting and to be a part of the upcoming MTK event, we are crazily excited to given access to show you exactly what it is like before entering the ring. At the weekend, Dom and Joe went on a bit of an adventure around the toon, getting to the gym, got a massage, had a visit to his sponsors, Vauxhall and (obviously) had to fit in a trip through costa drive-thru.

Dom and Joe after filming last week

The great work these guys put in day in day out in admirable. Nik Gittus, the brains behind all these devastating names, is an absolute pleasure to watch as he brings out the best of his guys.

All the best to everyone fighting this weekend. It is headlined by a local bout between local lad Chad Ellis and Darlington based boxer, Ellis Corrie for a Northern Area title.

Keep your eyes peeled after the fight to make sure you don’t miss the release of the ‘Day in the life of The Benwell Bomber.’ We have already began the editing and it is going to be an absolute treat for everyone. It is going to be a little longer than what you might be expecting but it will definitely be worth it.

Do you have any predictions for the fights this weekend? We will be heading to the weigh-ins tomorrow at Antler to capture some more video leading up to Joe stepping into the ring on Saturday for his 9th professional boxing bout.


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