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Wallsend Boxing Academy troops attend in force at Newcastle Eagles Arena

Joe Laws, Lawrence Osueke, April Hunter and more are just a few of the names fighting this weekend at the Newcastle Eagles Arena. It is a very exciting time for the guys at Wallsend Boxing Academy. Our videographer, Dom, has been following Joe around to capture a unique insight into the wonderful world of a…
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Connor Benn and Joe Laws

Connor Benn | Joe Laws expresses feeling using darts

It is no new thing that Joe Laws has his sights set on Connor Benn as a future opponent. When he was in the Kudos office, as we do with everyone, we asked him to enter our darts competition that will be drawn (when we ever get round to it). When we opened the dart…
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Lawrence Osueke professional boxer kudos to media

Lawrence Osueke: Introducing | Professional Boxer

Lawrence Osueke is now training at the Wallsend Boxing Academy. We got down a few weeks ago to do some filming with him and we shared a little teaser clip on Facebook. It did great so we thought we would gather some b-roll of him training and let you have a watch/listen to the full…
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