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Super Natural – Newcastle Restaurant week

This time we are somewhere special. Not only has this venue been around for over two decades, but it was also the very first restaurant of its kind to hit the toon. You will have noticed, over the last couple of years, they have been a rise in popularity of Veganism.

Due to the rise of awareness with veganism, the owner of Super Natural had said that he has seen an uplift in business recently due to the recent attention vegans have been getting. He mentioned to us that back when they opened, it wasn’t ‘cool’ to be vegan or vegetarian and he wanted to thank the loyal customers who have supported them throughout their journey.

When we got there we were blown away by the food there. It looked amazing. The lasagne was incredible and there was a couscous salad too! Taste so fresh, it was a great experience and would definitely go back!

Super Natural is located on Grainger Street in the heart of Newcastle City Centre. Walking up towards The Monument from Central Station, you will see the lovely venue on your left.

They have an offer:

2 courses for £10

Call 0191 447 3800 to get your spot booked! Open until 6 pm, you could even get a table for when you get finished at work. Don’t let the FOMO takeover and get yourself down!


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