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Manchester Ink – Stephen gets branded with Kudos ‘K’

manchester ink tattooist

Manchester Ink is located in the Northern Quarter and was very welcoming and very excited about the idea of getting Stephen branded with the Kudos ‘K’.

We recently announced the re-brand of the Kudos Group and brought to light the hard work we have been putting in to create a personality that people can relate to.

That being said, me and Stephen were between bookings out in Manchester and was thinking about something we could do to entertain ourselves. Naturally, we came to the conclusion of getting Stephen branded.

The team at Manchester Ink were curious at first as to the reasoning behind our call, this resulted in a 10 minute chat over the phone that included an invitation to their venue to get the ink gun primed and ready.

There were around 4 artists in Manchester Ink and on their Facebook they were advertising that there were walk-in slots available… So what you waiting for? The team there are wicked are we saw everything from the planning stages of someone planning their ink on the computers in the reception area.

Right through to actually getting the gun primed and ready to embed a memory and experience. It was wicked and would definitely recommend a visit if you’re around the Northern Quarter area.

With artists that have a great range of different eyes and talents, you will definitely find something that is suitable for you, take a loot at this amazing sleeve they advertised on social.

Unbelievable Greek themed sleeve by Przemek! Call us to book on 01612362688 or pm for pricing #manchester…

Posted by Manchester Ink on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

While you are around, if you would like to check the other spots that we have visited during out time in Manchester then, head over to our YouTube channel where you can see all of the videos that we made during our time there.

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