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Kudos to Media – Where did you come from?

this is a picture of the kudos to media team

So you’re at a point now where you’ve seen a few of our videos, maybe seen a blog post and you’re beginning to wonder, ‘who are Kudos to Media?’ First and foremost, we are a digital media production company. Working with businesses within the hospitality and leisure industry.

We endeavour down a road of digital content creation because our team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and drive to the creative process, making it easier for the business owners we work with to just get on with their day.

We know that in todays age, content for social media is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. This does one of two things to people, fills them with dread and anxiety, on the other hand, you may be flexible in your approach and either pump out waaaay too much, not enough, or somewhere in between with no real idea whether it is being affective or not.

Now, let’s not get this confused, this isn’t a pitch. As much as I would love to have your business on board with Kudos to Media (feel free to email us and find out more, I feel that we owe our readers, audience a bit of an explanation as to our superhero origin story.

Kudos to Media was born out of a culmination of passion and serendipity. Delivering professional quality media at affordable prices, Kudos to Media aims to bring the prospect of having a professional media team, to your business, driving your brand and increasing your engagement across your digital channels through the creation of the three types of media; written, audio and visual.

With a growing team of experts, Kudos to Media is an exciting new outlet that is focussing on the hospitality & leisure industry. With a fully fledged blog and series covering news and updates from the sectors within hospitality & leisure, interviews, podcasts, reviews and so much more to be telling your friends about.

Not only that, we will be sharing our experiences as a budding media team, delving into the world of media production in a digital age and sharing best practices and our secrets, your own processes will take value, grow and become easier through what you have learned.

Hoping that you will take some value from what we are creating, we are hoping that you share the content you see with your friends, family and colleagues.

Through collaboration with the businesses we work with, Kudos to Media aim to bring you engaging, quality content to be kept up to speed with what is happening in everything that we do. Also, we want to provide our customers with the most professional and quality media that will bring your business to your customers attention and get them shouting about you too!

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