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Harriotte Lane is not your typical 18 year old. In all honesty, I probably couldn’t tell you what a ’typical’ 18 year old is in 2019, but what I do know is, this girls life experiences are far from your every day occurrences.

At 12, Harriotte found pageants as a way to help boost her confidence. She told us, “I had an accident when I was 12, I burned my leg and needed skin grafts. I lost my confidence and my mum entered me into Miss Teen Great Britain, as she had read that Pageants can help with confidence.” After advancing in her first competition to the semi-finals and saw how she could help people if she won… “I read about the charity work that was encouraged and how to use your title to help the community and I got stuck straight in.”

With an instant passion, Harriotte Lane told us how she she went on to organise her first event soon after and how it all snowballed from there, “At age 12, I organised a fashion show. Over 80 models, 10 brands, organised sponsors and companies to help train us in what to do to run an event. I raised just over £3,000 that night and my confidence went from not leaving the house to speaking on stage. By the time I got to the competition part of Miss Teen Great Britain I was literally a changed person. I didn’t win the crown that year but the personal win was huge!”

When we asked a little more about the charity work she has done and some of her achievements, she said, “Winning the Dianna Award in recognition of my charity work and my sustained positive impact on the community. The raising of £72,000 for charities, so proud of this achievement and I can’t wait to smash £100,000!!” What an amazing achievement. At only 18 to have raised 72 grand is some achievement.

I am sure that the recipients of the donations will be endlessly thankful and will have put them to great use. Now as much as we know that Harriotte Lane loves to help other people and try her best to grow herself and her community. She also told us about how The Pageant Network was a great source of pride for her, “The Pageant Network is a constant source of pride. I set this up when I was just 15 and these days we have over 1,000 members across the U.K. and the girls everyday are working so hard to change the world to be a better place, volunteering and raising vital funds for so many charities as well as smashing their own personal goals.”

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In true Kudos fashion, we asked her about her opinions on getting out in Newcastle and how she sees hospitality developing in the Toon, “I think people want an experience now, a night out needs to feel good, taste amazing and be seen to be incredible… it needs to be Instagram worthy. More venues will focus on having content worthy interiors, food and drinks. I think while ‘times are hard’ people will pay for something incredible for a special occasion” I love this, your venue needs to be Instagram worthy and it’s so true. You see now so many places with quirky interiors, feature walls, great looking food and drink all to put on show on social.

Todays expectations are that you have to document everything, Kris and Stephen (the Kudos directors) were at the VIP launch at Leila Lily’s this evening and I had messaged them making sure to take a few photos so we can post them on social.

A hard working lass like Harriotte will definitely need some time to relax and chill in her down time. You might find her in The Stack at Sushi me Rollin’ as she told us how, “my fav food is sushi so anywhere serving decent sushi and of course I love Leila Lily’s, I might be a little biased but the food is next level!!”

Harriotte is Head Hostess at Leila Lily’s, the new hotspot opening on Grey Street very soon! As previously mentioned, two of our directors were there tonight at the VIP launch and some of the pics that they did get (wahoo for the reminder!) look incredible!

Harriotte will be coming on to the Kudos couch to talk to us about her trip to Japan soon (lots to talk about), how the launch went and and probably so much more! Thanks to Harriotte for taking the time, you can find her on Insta.

Make sure you send in your questions to social@kudoslimited.com and we will ask her them on the podcast.

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