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Banyan Spinningfields

Banyan Spinningfields: 2-4-1 cocktails and boozy brunch

Banyan Spinningfields was on our hit list because of their reputation for a good time and we sure got that! Arc Inspirations, the owners, have been doing a great job solidifying themselves a spot in the ‘places we must visit’ list. With the Banyan Spinningfields site being relatively new, it was a great opportunity for…
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El Capo happy hour

El Capo – Tacos, Tequila and a Mexican feast

Let’s start with this. El Capo was the perfect ending to a bloody brilliant trip to Manchester. We enjoyed it so much, that we have agreed we will be visiting again on our return. Initially, we were blown away with the decor. There were neon lights, wooden benches and a beautifully dressed back-bar. We were…
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Jimmy's NQ

Jimmy’s NQ – Good beer that tasted like a Crunchie!

Let us paint a picture for you. We are nearing 9.30pm, we have visited and filmed in 6 different venues and the day was drawing to a very welcomed close. We had positioned a little treat for ourselves in Jimmy’s NQ. It was at the end of the night and we were very much looking…
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Atkinson's coffee co board

Atkinson’s coffee co. – Coffee, cakes and croissants

When we got to Manchester the first thing on our minds was getting an influx of caffeine. After a 3-hour trip from Newcastle, we needed two things. Hydration and a boost of energy. Which is why we thought smart and booked Atkinson’s Coffee Co. in as our first stop. The guys there were fantastic and…
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Leila Lily’s – Kudos directors attend VIP launch

As we mentioned in our previous article covering the new opening of Leila Lily’s, both Stephen and Kris were invited by the Malhotra Group to be one of the first to experience what Leila Lily’s will have to offer.  With an interior that makes you feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland and food to make…
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Harriotte Lane Miss International

Harriotte Lane – Looking to smash £100,000 for charity

Harriotte Lane is not your typical 18 year old. In all honesty, I probably couldn’t tell you what a ’typical’ 18 year old is in 2019, but what I do know is, this girls life experiences are far from your every day occurrences. At 12, Harriotte found pageants as a way to help boost her…
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All prepped and ready. Kudos to Media is Manchester bound!

With all the preparations now done, the team is now all packed up and ready to be heading to Manchester. With a huge 10 venues squished in over the two days, we are definitely set to be busy. With 3 site from The Alchemist, Atkinsons Coffee, TROF, The Grill on the New York Street, Banyan,…
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Acropolis venue shot

Acropolis Grainger Market | Good times & sharing platter

Other than the restaurant week coverage that you will catch on our YouTube channel, our first video of the Deliciousness vlog series was captured in the awesome Acropolis Grainger Market venue. We sampled two of their wicked dishes, a chicken gyros (£7) and a chicken sharing platter (£9). We had a fantastic time in there…
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Connor Benn and Joe Laws

Connor Benn | Joe Laws expresses feeling using darts

It is no new thing that Joe Laws has his sights set on Connor Benn as a future opponent. When he was in the Kudos office, as we do with everyone, we asked him to enter our darts competition that will be drawn (when we ever get round to it). When we opened the dart…
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Lawrence Osueke professional boxer kudos to media

Lawrence Osueke: Introducing | Professional Boxer

Lawrence Osueke is now training at the Wallsend Boxing Academy. We got down a few weeks ago to do some filming with him and we shared a little teaser clip on Facebook. It did great so we thought we would gather some b-roll of him training and let you have a watch/listen to the full…
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